One way to peace

I had the recent pleasure of taking a moment with newcomer to the world of yoga, Wasia Ward. Her perseverance with the asanas and a full embracing of the values of yoga inspired me to share her story. 

Wasia prepares for her yoga practice at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

"I have been seeking peace for a while now. Peace that extends to contentment. I gave myself a challenge for a month. I told myself that I will do yoga every single day that month without fail. Yoga is where I found that peace. It has transformed me. I have become a more willing person. It has taught me that persistence is a fundamental part of becoming successful at anything. After that month, the progress experienced in my life was extraordinary. No longer did I get into arguments nor did emotional incidents consume me as they used to. Focus and a serene state became mine. Of course there were physical benefits, which didn’t hurt, but paled in comparison to the mental calm and clarity gained. I used yoga as a way to let go of emotions that I had been holding onto. It was the release that I needed. It set me free." - Wasia Ward